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Attention-grabbing collection of outdated “pals” here. BTW, Muse Air’s demise was NOT bankruptcy. We have been liquidated by Southwest Airlines. And yes, they did give us pink slips and instructed all of us to “strike the road”. (Contrary to their denials of at any time ‘shedding’ everyone….

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It is best to incorporate Wien Air Alaska. Wien started in 1924 and operated until finally Nov 1984. Among the list of initially to work the B-737 within the US. (from gravel runways). Wien operated File-227s in addition, moving construction staff to and with the camps in the course of the Trans Alaska oil pipeline design.

The fortuitous Component of all this was the fact that we created some terrific friends. Cathy Dixon can testify to this.

Kirk C has a good idea. Enable’s identify all of the undesirable CEO’s, Presidents, Professionals, etcetera that ran loads of these good airlines into the geound.

While scientists aren’t fully confident why many people turn into addicted and Many others tend not to, they suspect it could possibly have a little something to perform with a potential addict’s inherent deficiency of dopamine supplies in their Mind.

The Allegheny pay out checks for PIT were carried on NW from DCA to PIT and I'm able to recall once they forgot to unload them plus they went to Canada or someplace out west.

What about Air Atlanta? Excellent airline, with actual china, your own crystal salt/pepper shakers, competitive pricing, as well as a no cost RT ticket for every 5 to procure…most likely why they went less than!

It's been posted as individual editions “Round A single” and “Spherical Two” covering the write-up-deregulation period of time. Equally titles are very well illustrated and provide added detailed background information on Each and every provider.

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The caption with regards to Midway Airways is incorrect, the Airline was certified and commenced functions November 1979, I ought to know, I used to be certainly one of websites the first personnel with the Airlines.

The pics are wonderful and I relished all of these. I’d under no circumstances Trade my airline experiance for some other everyday living. I am a TWA retiree of 1959/1990 vintage.

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Interesting simple fact: It experienced its origins in 1939, in the event the Four Wheel Generate Enterprise (FWD), a major producer of four-wheel transmissions and significant-duty vans located in Clintonville, Wisconsin, opened a flight Section and traded an organization truck for a WACO biplane for their corporation’s use.

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